Yardeni: Near-Term Pause, But Bull Has A Ways To Go

Strategist Ed Yardeni says he expects a pause in the near-term, but thinks the bull market in equities is likely to continue for a couple more years. “We forget that [another government budget sequester] now will happen every year for a 10-year period, and they add up,” he tells CNBC, adding that a possible tapering of the Federal Reserve’s asset-buying program could also hurt the market in the shorter term. “There will also be a debt-limit fracas down in Washington, I’m sure. And then Obamacare hits us in October.” But Yardeni says that getting the timing of pauses or downturns is very tough. “I think this bull market’s going to carry us for a couple more years, quite honestly. If that’s the case, I think you just stay with it” through the short-term pause.

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