Yacktman, Stattman Still High on Big Blue Chips

Several top value managers who keyed on large stocks — to their portfolios’ detriment — in 2010 are continuing to focus on big blue chips as we head into 2011.

Among them: Donald Yacktman, whose funds have trounced the market over the longer haul but lagged in 2010. “In 40 years I have rarely seen a situation where so many big, profitable international companies are selling at such relatively cheap prices,” Yacktman told Bloomberg.

Another top fund manager who is continuing to see value in large-caps is Blackrock’s Dennis Stattman. Back in August, Stattman said he couldn’t “find a stock among the 20 or 30 biggest U.S. companies that looks expensive.” More recently, on Dec. 15, he told Bloomberg that large-cap stocks aren’t as cheap as they were back then, but added, “We still think they are attractive.”

Other managers who have been keying on big blue chips: GMO’s Jeremy Grantham and Legg Mason’s Bill Miller, according to Bloomberg.

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