Would Buffett's Latest Moves Impress The Gurus?

In his latest column for Forbes.com, Validea CEO and author of The Guru Investor John Reese takes a look at how Berkshire Hathaway’s and Warren Buffett’s latest moves stack up against his Guru Strategies — including his Buffett-inspired model.

“My quantitative Buffett-inspired strategy is based on the approach that Mary Buffett (his former daughter-in-law) and David Clark, both of whom worked closely with Buffett, laid out in their book Buffettology,” writes Reese. “What do my Guru Strategies think of the latest Berkshire buys? Well, both GM and Viacom [which Berkshire initiated positions in recently] get interest from my models — though not from my Buffett-based approach.”

Reese’s Buffett-based model does like some other recent moves Berkshire made. To find out what those moves were, and which of Reese’s other strategies like Viacom and GM, click here.