Winters Looks Overseas; Growing More Concerned About Inflation

Top-performing fund manager David Winters says many investors are overlooking some great bargains beyond the U.S.’s borders.

“The most compelling opportunities are no longer in North America but in companies domiciled overseas or focused on the world beyond the U.S.,” Winters said at InvestmentNews’ 2011 Retirement Income Summit. Winters said he has 75% of his portfolio invested outside the U.S. “There are a couple billion people enjoying the party, and they want everything we have,” he said. “How do we clip a coupon off a couple billon people in China? It creates an amazing opportunity.”

Winters said he has a “huge preference” for holding bonds right now, but he also discusses some of the stocks that intrigue him, like Fairfax Financial Holdings. And, with governments around the world printing money at a rapid pace, he says he’s growing increasingly interested in the question, “How are you going to protect your current purchasing power and make it grow in the future?” One way he appears to be doing so is investing in gold-mining stocks, according to InvestmentNews.