Two Top Newsletters Bullish

Two stock-investing newsletters with excellent long-term track records are sounding quite bullish, despite — or, perhaps more to the point, in part because of — the significant amount of fear that remains in the market.

One of the two is Sound Advice, which turned bullish in early 2009, reports MarketWatch’s Peter Brimelow. The newsletter recently said that a double-dip recession might well occur, but that that doesn’t mean bad times for stocks. It cites a half-dozen post-World War II expansions in which GDP turned negative or slowed significantly after its initial upward turn, before the upward trend then resumed.

“Skepticism about the economic recovery continues, and substantial anxiety about the durability of a recovery for stock prices also lives on,” Sound Advice says, according to Brimelow. “With few exceptions, this combination of anxiety usually points to higher prices.”

The other top newsletter sounding bullish is the Cabot Market Letter, Brimelow reports. “Long-time readers know the best investing environments come when markets strengthen, yet investor sentiment remains negative, and that may describe the current situation to a T,” the newsletter recently stated. Cabot is now 65% invested in stocks, Brimelow reports, adding that the letter also says the “Presidential Election Cycle” bodes well for stocks. Cabot says a rally into 2011 could push the Dow Jones Industrial Average “well above 13,000 and even to 14,000. It might sound crazy, but history suggests it’s not just possible, but likely!”

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