Top Mid-Cap Manager Talks Strategy

In the latest edition of WealthTrack with Consuelo Mack, top mid-cap manager Thyra Zerhusen discusses her investment strategy, and where she’s finding value in the market right now. Zerhusen is a long-term investor, and says her average holding period is about 5 years. As a bottom-up, fundamental-focused investor, she says macroeconomic issues don’t matter to her in many cases, though they do in certain industries, like construction. She also says she looks for companies with “must-have” products, particularly those that other businesses need to be more efficient or successful. Zerhusen also discusses why two value plays from the struggling publishing industry — The New York Times and McGraw-Hill Companies — have caught her eye.

James Bianco of Bianco Research also discusses why he thinks inflation is a critical issue for the markets right now, and why analysts’ expectations just don’t matter.