Tepper Still Says Tapering Is A Good Thing

While others are fretting about the possibility of the Federal Reserve tapering its asset-purchasing plan, hedge fund guru David Tepper says tapering efforts would actually be good news.

“All the concern in the markets is because the Fed sees the economy stronger in the future,” Tepper said in a statement, according to CNBC. “The bond (market) is concerned about the strength,” he said. “A 10 (year) bond at 2.4 or even at 3 (percent) if it’s because of strength is ultimately healthy. I obviously thought they should start to taper. Bottom line when the dust settles only one place to be STOCKS. ”

Tepper had previously told CNBC about his pro-taper thoughts last month, saying some tapering will in fact be needed to keep the market from going into “hyper-drive”. You can see that interview here.