Target "Disruptive" Stocks, Oberweis Says

In his latest Forbes column, newsletter guru Jim Oberweis says that investors should own “disrupters” — firms whose new, innovative products are challenging more established companies in their industries.

Some of the most well known “disrupters” have been firms like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, which — despite their current status as corporate giants — began as small, creative upstarts. While finding the next Google or Microsoft or Amazon is easier said than done, Oberweis says that “you don’t need to wait for another tectonic shift like the birth of the Internet to realize values as an investor. There are smaller, more subtle evolutions going on. I call them landscape changes, and they are creating opportunities for nimble companies.”

Among those landscape changes:

Mobile-Bandwidth Expansion: The development of Mi-Fi devices, which use cellular networks to allow computer users to connect to the Internet just about anywhere, has created great demand for firms like Novatel Wireless (NVTL), Oberweis says.

Digital 3-D Film: New digital film advances are resulting in huge cost savings that will help a company like Imax (IMAX), which makes films that are shown (often in 3-D) on three-story or higher screens, according to Oberweis.

Solid State Drives: These new drives are faster at retrieving data and more energy efficient than spinning hard drives, which could mean big business for STEC (STEC), which Oberweis says is the leader in giant semiconductor storage systems for corporate data processing.

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