Soros Sees Slow U.S. Recovery -- But He's Still Buying Stocks

While hedge fund guru George Soros has been saying that a U.S. economic recovery is a ways off, he’s still buying up shares in some stocks, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Soros Fund Management, which gained 32% in 2007 and 8% last year, recently reported that it upped its stakes in energy firms InterOil Corp. and Headwaters Inc. Almost a third of the fund’s equity assets were invested in energy companies as of its most recent filings, the Journal states, noting that that’s even after Soros sold some American depositary receipts in Petroleo Brasileiro SA, his biggest equity holding.

The filings also show that Soros bought a 7.1% stake in Emdeon, which offers payment and claim services to government and private insurance companies. All in all, Soros is reporting that he has more than 200 equity positions, according to the Journal. Soros saw last year’s market woes as a buying opportunity, the Journal adds, saying that he’s consistently owned between $3.5 billion and $5 billion in equities since the second quarter of 2008.

Earlier this week, Soros said that the U.S. economic recovery will be “very slow”, according to Bloomberg. U.S. consumers are “overdebted” and the country’s banking system has been “basically bankrupt,” he said, adding, “The United States has a long way to go.”

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