Show Us Your Portfolio: Rick Ferri

Show Us Your Portfolio: Rick Ferri

Our first few episodes of Show Us Your Portfolio looked at some thoughtful, evidence-based approaches to portfolio construction. But we also noticed after listening to them that many of the concepts we discussed might be too sophisticated for the average investor. Given that simplicity often works best in investing, we wanted to talk to someone about the benefits of using a less complex approach. And we couldn’t think of anyone better to talk to about that than Rick Ferri. Rick is the President of the John C. Bogle Center for Financial Literacy, the host of the Bogleheads on Investing Podcast and a long-time advocate for low fee investing.

We discuss how Rick thinks about building his personal portfolio and his Core 4 approach to investing. We also discuss why all of us tend to overcomplicate our portfolios and what we can do to correct that.

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