Schwab Chief: Don't Bypass Financials

While a good amount of fear is still hovering over the financial sector, Jeff Mortimer, chief investment officer at Charles Schwab Investment Management, says that investors would be wise to include a significant amount of financial stocks in their portfolios in 2010.

“What I worry about [for] the individual investor is that they are underweight, perhaps, financials,” Mortimer tells CNBC. “A lot of taint has been put on that sector of the market, and I would just make sure that individuals … get to a market weight, a 10 or 15 percent weight of their portfolio [for financials] … even though it doesn’t appear that you want to own them.”

Despite what he calls a “violent” rebound in the stock market, Mortimer says he thinks stocks are fairly valued for an economy that is coming out of recession, and adds that he doesn’t think the rally has been “too far, too fast”.

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