Painful Stretch Even for The Greats

No one beats the market all the time — not even the best investors in history — and this difficult bear market has been a perfect example. Yahoo Tech Ticker’s Aaron Task reports that many investors with exceptional long-term track records have (along with just about everyone else) been hit hard. A look at some top money managers’ year-to-date performances:

* Warren Buffett (Berkshire Hathaway): -43%
* Ken Heebner (CMG Focus Fund) -56%
* Harry Lange (Fidelity Magellan): -59%
* Bill Miller (Legg Mason Value Trust) -50%
* Ken Griffin (Citadel): -44%
* Carl Icahn (Icahn Enterprises): -81%
* T. Boone Pickens: Down $2 billion since July
* Kirk Kerkorian: Down $693 million on his Ford shares alone