Our 5 Top Investing Articles For 2022

Our 5 Top Investing Articles For 2022

By Jack Forehand, CFA, CFP® (@practicalquant) —

2022 has been a challenging year for investors. Although the S&P 500’s decline is in line with a typical shallower bear market, the losses on a combined stock and bond portfolio rival some of the largest in history. And the losses in growth stocks have also been much greater than the market as a whole, with many down 70%+ for the year.

Throughout the year, we have tried to offer a long-term perspective on what all of it means for investors.

As we head into year end, we wanted to share some of the articles that our readers found most interesting.

Here are our five most read articles of 2022.

1 – Six Things That Might Go Right

2022 was a year of bad news. Inflation was up. Stocks were down. Bonds were down. Sentiment was extremely low. But it is important for long-term investors to keep in mind that there are always positives out there. Justin Carbonneau looked at some of them in this article he wrote in the middle of the year.

2 – Five Things to Keep in Mind During Bear Markets

In keeping with the long-term optimism theme, I looked at some long-term lessons to keep in mind during bear markets.

3 – Observations From the Recent Market Decline

I wrote this early in the year when none of us knew the magnitude of what was coming next. But many of the observations held throughout the year. I looked at value spreads, the destruction of growth stocks and the implications of rising discount rates.

4 – Lessons From the Rise and Fall of ARK

The rapid rise and fall of ARK Investments and its flagship ARK Innovation ETF was one of the bigger stories of 2022. I took a look at what investors can learn from it.

5 – Revisiting the Case Against Value Investing

As a big believer in value investing, I am prone to ignore information that disagrees with my belief and seek out information that confirms it. So I try to periodically write articles to challenge myself. Earlier this year, I looked at some reasons to question value going forward.

Thank you to everyone who spent the time to read our articles in 2022. We look forward to producing more investment research and commentary in 2023.

Jack Forehand is Co-Founder and President at Validea Capital. He is also a partner at Validea.com and co-authored “The Guru Investor: How to Beat the Market Using History’s Best Investment Strategies”. Jack holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation from the CFA Institute. Follow him on Twitter at @practicalquant.