Ken Fisher's Wish List

In last week’s Forbes, money manager Ken Fisher offers a list of things he is grateful for as well as a wish list for the year ahead.

He is grateful that:

  • the election “noise and nonsense” is fading away;
  • America’s stocks hit new highs as what he calls our “joyless bull market trudged on;”
  • the global economy grew, albeit slowly “despite the endless stupid policies and regulations that governments and central banks keep spewing;”
  • China didn’t “implode, as so many feared.”

His hopes are that:

  • Fed raises short-term rates several times, “so we can overcome our fear of that;”
  • short-term bond maturities will be pushed out, “locking in today’s low rates for decades and reducing our crisis worries;”
  • global companies “lobby Brexit negotiations largely into oblivion—allowing euro trade to continue about as is.”
  • ObamaCare “gasps its last in 2017;”
  • overall earnings growth in the energy sector “hits about 13%-plus;”
  • the global money supply keeps growing;
  • “that no big, bad, unforeseen, fast-growing governmental cancer materializes, so our bull market can keep grinding through skepticism toward becoming the longest ever.”