It's A Market Of Stocks -- Not A Stock Market

Over the past several months, broader stock market valuations have risen to the point that it’s now clear that stocks are no longer, collectively, the dirt cheap bargain they were a few years ago. But Validea CEO John Reese says that doesn’t mean you still can’t find plenty of individual bargains out there.

“None of that means you can’t still make plenty of money in stocks. For one thing, just because stocks have hit or passed average valuation levels, that doesn’t mean we’re headed for doom,” Reese writes in his latest Seeking Alpha column. “But perhaps more importantly, while commentators — including, to be fair, myself — often refer to the monolithic ‘stock market’, what we really have is a ‘market of individual stocks’. And at any given time you can find plenty of undervalued attractive stocks, regardless of where the broader market averages are.”

Reese uses his Guru Strategies, each of which is based on the approach of the different investing legend, to find some stocks that currently look like bargains. Among them: National Oilwell-Varco, which gets high marks from his Benjamin Graham inspired strategy.