Investor Fears Have Rogers Sounding Bullish

Top fund manager John W. Rogers, Jr. says that the combination of lingering fear among investors and improving economic and corporate conditions are signaling a time to buy stocks.

“Housing appears to be bottoming, interest rates are low and management teams at U.S. companies are improving their businesses as a direct result of tribulations encountered in recent years,” Rogers writes in his latest Forbes column. “Cost-cutting has led to record profits, and balance sheets are brimming with cash. That leaves companies in a better position today than they were four years ago.”

Fears remain about Europe and China, Rogers says, but he thinks that investors are overly fearful — and he likes it. “As a contrarian investor, I like it when perceptions are disconnected from reality because it gives me an opportunity to buy quality stocks on sale,” he says. He examines three of his holdings, including CBS.