Investing Lessons from Vanguard

An article published on the Vanguard website earlier this month highlights takeaways from the 90-year history of the Vanguard Wellington Fund, the nation’s oldest mutual fund.

The article, which describes Wellington as “a U.S. balanced fund that’s always held a carefully selected mix of high-quality stocks and bonds,” outlines the following three lessons for investors:

·      Management is a key component of the Wellington Fund’s average return of 8% since inception, the article explains, adding, “because we tie managers’ compensation to the long-term performance of the funds they oversee, we ensure their primary goal is creating value for our investors.”

·      Balance helps weather volatility: Balanced investing, the article explains, is critical to managing market ups and downs. “Whether you build your own portfolio or choose an all-in-one fund, a balanced approach is a timeless principle.”

·      Low costs lead to better performance: The article explains that the Wellington Fund expense ratio is among the lowest in the industry.