Investing Legend Birinyi Remains Bullish on Stocks

As the stock market continues to climb and some investors think about pulling back, Laszlo Birinyi is “going in the opposite direction, placing more bullish trades on the S&P 500,” according to a recent article in Business Insider.

The investing legend, the article says, argues that “ample cash remains on the sidelines, waiting to be deployed,” adding that “as stocks continue to show strong fundamentals, such as earnings growth, traders will continue to find excuses to put that cash to work.”

The article asserts that Birinyi’s excellent track record makes heeding his advice a good idea for investors. “After all,” it says, “he has nailed his predictions since the start of the bull market, which included being one of the first analysts to recommend buying ahead of the market bottom in March 2009. He has remained a stock enthusiast since then as the S&P 500 has nearly quadrupled, defying market pessimists throughout the third-longest bull run on record.”

Birinyi disagrees with some of the arguments about the market being pricey, the article says, adding, “He’s not a fan of the valuation metric known as the Shiller CAPE Ratio, which he says is untested in past market cycles and has never given a ‘buy’ signal’.”