Institutional Investor's Rich List

In May, Institutional Investor published its “Rich List” of the world’s 25 highest-earning hedge funds– which, it reports, earned a total of $15.38 billion (approximately $615 million each). In order to make the list, a firm had to earn at least $225 million (compared to $130 million in 2016).

“This is an increase of nearly 40 percent from 2016,” the article says, “a year when the top 25 collectively earned the lowest amount since 2008.” Many of the firms, it adds, were not only profitable but generated “respectable-to-spectacular gains, enabling more of the wealthier hedge fund managers to top the list.” Four of the managers on this year’s list made at least $1 billion.

The article reports that 2017 saw hedge funds generate their best performance since 2013.

Here are the top five:

Ranking Manager Firm 2018 earnings
1 James Simons Renaissance Technologies $1.7 B
2 David Tepper Appaloosa Management $1.5 B
3 Kenneth Griffin Citadel $1.4 B
4 Ray Dalio Bridgewater Associates $1.3 B
5 Israel Englander Millennium Management $975 M