Hyman & Miller on What They're Watching In 2014

In a joint interview with Consuelo Mack on WealthTrack, legendary fund manager Bill Miller and top analyst Ed Hyman recently discussed their outlooks for 2014. Both sounded optimistic, with Hyman saying the biggest surprise he sees happening is that it will be another strong year for stocks. He’s particularly bullish on Japanese and US equities, and firms that will benefit from a synchronized global expansion, like Citigroup. One area he’s not keen on, though, is China, which he says involves too much uncertainty right now. Hyman also says that what would concern him most in 2014 would be a spike in interest rates or oil prices. Miller, meanwhile, is high on housing, financial, and airline stocks. He says current valuation levels are nowhere near levels seen at other bull market tops, and says most Americans remain underinvested in stocks because of the lingering trauma of the 2008 financial crisis and market crash.