How to Beat the Market with Graham, Buffett, Lynch, and the Gurus

In a wide-ranging interview with The Kirk Report, Validea founder and CEO John Reese explains how he developed his guru-based investment strategy, why it has been so successful, and what individual investors can do to beat the market.

Among the many topics the interview covers:

  • How Reese was able to take the published strategies of investment greats like Peter Lynch, Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, and several others and turn them into computerized stock-screening tools that individual investors can access;
  • Where so many investors — professional and amateur — go wrong in trying to beat the market over the long haul;
  • How approaches like Reese’s Benjamin Graham and Hot List portfolios have averaged returns of 14% to 15% per year since they were created in 2003, while the broader market has struggled to stay in the black;
  • Which key stock-selection variables tend to be most popular among gurus like Lynch, Graham, Buffett, and others;
  • How using multiple Guru Strategies to guide your portfolio can reduce risk and maximize returns.


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