How A Top-Performing Fund Manager Is Structuring His Portfolio

Top-performing mutual fund manager Dennis Stattman is high on energy stocks and unloved large-cap high-quality stocks, and says fast-growing markets like China, India, and Brazil also have his attention. Stattman, whose fund has had only three down years since its 1989 inception, tells WealthTrack’s Consuelo Mack that relative to other securities, stocks are a good option right now. But, he says, that may be more to do with the unattractiveness of other assets than the attractiveness of stocks. He also says stock valuations may be skewed because of high profit margins that aren’t likely to continue. Stattman also reiterates his belief that high debt and a coming “tidal wave” of spending due to demographic trends has created risk of higher inflation and interest rates, creating danger for fixed-income assets.