High Quality Growth Investing in Europe with Alistair Wittet

High Quality Growth Investing in Europe with Alistair Wittet

In this episode, we speak with Comgest portfolio manager Alistair Wittet We discuss his approach for building a focused portfolio of high-quality European growth companies and the most important criteria he looks at. We also dig into the characteristics that define great long-term brands, the current economic situation in Europe, how the European growth universe differs from the US one and a lot more.

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  • 3:55 – How Alistair went from a Geography major to a portfolio manager
  • 07:25 – The current European inflation situation
  • 09:00 – How Alistair views macro variables in his investment process
  • 11:03 – Three trends that will shape Europe in the next decade: Energy Transition, Digitization, Aging Population
  • 18:53 – How the European growth universe varies from the US
  • 20:41 – The great long-term brands of Europe
  • 22:31 – How Alistair defines growth
  • 24:27 – How Alistari defines quality
  • 28:14 – The role of valuation in Alistair’s process
  • 31:04 – Have intangible assets changed growth investing
  • 32:20 – How Alistair views tracking error
  • 34:05 – Analyzing when to sell growth companies
  • 38:41 – The quantitative aspects of Alistair’s process
  • 39:52 – The pros and cons of speaking with management