Hedge Fund Coatue Invests in Data Science

Hedge funds continue their push into “big data” analysis to land trading opportunities, and Coatue Management LLC is no exception, according to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal.

The fund recently announced a $27 million funding round for a company called Domino Data Lab Inc., a San Francisco startup founded by Bridgewater Associates LP alumni. Coatue joins other investors including Bloomberg Beta, Zetta Venture Partners and Sequoia Capital.

“Domino’s software allows data scientists to run experiments and analyze data in a collaborative program,” the article explains, “which helps analysts at Coatue discover new trends and hand them to portfolio managers to act on.”

Nick Elprin, who spent seven years designing technology at Bridgewater before co-founding Domino, says that financial clients are a big contributor to Domino’s business, the article says. Elprin says other clients include manufacturing, insurance, life sciences and media companies.

Thomas Laffont, senior managing director at Coatue, cites data science and artificial intelligence as the “most important trends in technology today,” but that the firm realized how time consuming it was to perform its own data science work.’’