Food Stocks for Lynch and O'Shaughnessy to Munch On

With incomes rising in several large emerging markets like China and India and food prices moderating, a number of food-related companies are looking attractive right now, says Validea CEO John Reese.

“The Food Institute projects moderating pressure on food price inflation in 2012. It says the all-food Consumer Price Index (CPI) is expected to grow 2.5% to 3.5% over 2011 levels,” Reese writes in his latest RealMoney column. “This is less than the 2011 CPI, which is expected to be in the 3.25%-3.75% range, according to The Food Institute. Lower price pressures should help the industry, since passing on higher prices to consumers has proven difficult.”

“Globally, the outlook for the industry looks good, as incomes in such countries as China and India increase, which typically boosts demand for food,” Reese adds. He looks at three food industry stocks, including Darling International, which gets strong interest from his Peter Lynch-based “Guru Strategy”. To read the full article and see all the stocks, click here.