Focus on Facts, Not Fear, Says Rogers

In his latest Forbes column, John W. Rogers Jr. stresses the importance of staying rational amid market turbulence, and says he’s bullish on the financial sector because investors have been treating it with an irrational amount of fear.

“An unemotional response is the right one in many critical moments — be it the game-winning shot or a life-saving procedure,” Rogers writes. “But it’s hard to hold it together in a crisis. If you keep your wits and buy during panics, the rewards can be outsized.”

One example of rational thinking leading to investing profits, he says, involves oil giant BP. After its huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico last year, fear sent the firm’s shares tumbling downward — too far down, Rogers says. Those who bought BP shares after it had been pounded have enjoyed some nice bounce-back gains since then, he says.

“Like BP,” Rogers adds, “the whole financial sector now trades with valuations presuming an extended period of pain. Lopsidedly bearish sentiment has dragged down prices of some fine companies, but it’s still a good time to pick up some of the smoldering embers.” Among his picks: Madison Square Garden.