Fisher Undeterred; Likes High-Dividend Stocks

In his latest Forbes column, Kenneth Fisher says he’s high on stocks that are paying out more in dividends than Treasury bonds, and also have good long-term growth prospects.

“I still believe there is a strong bull market ahead, and I am not bothered by snarky attacks,” Fisher writes, referring to the criticism he’s taken recently for his bashing of the idea that we are in a “New Normal” for stocks and the economy. “Negative, cranky, dour sentiments are great building blocks for bull markets. … But even if you are less optimistic than I am there is probably room in your portfolio for well-managed, high-yielding stocks that pay out more in dividends than Treasury bonds and have good long-term-growth prospects.”

Fisher offers some high-yielding stock ideas from Australia, Canada, Spain, and France. He also talks about how investors should be prepared to be wrong a good deal of the time in the stock market. To read the full article, click here.

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