Fisher Sees Bullish Signs

In his latest Forbes column, Ken Fisher reiterates his bullish stance on stocks, and offers several reasons why he’s optimistic.

Among Fisher’s bullish points:

  • “The GDP-weighted global yield curve (spread between long-term and short-term government interest rates) is steeper than it has been since the 1960s.” That, he says, means increased future lending for banks, and is an indicator that “has historically been a great market-timing tool.”
  • “The spread between ten-year Treasury yields and the average cost of credit default swaps has narrowed to zero.” Fisher says that’s a sign that the economy “is keyed to expansion and credit demand more than recession and bankruptcy risk.”
  • Junk bond offerings were a record $37.8 billion in March. “Low-quality midsize firms couldn’t borrow a year ago,” Fisher says. “Now they can. Small businesses will be next.”

To see Fisher’s other reasons for optimism, and several “underappreciated” stocks he’s keying on, click here.

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