Fisher: It's About Global Growth

Top strategist Kenneth Fisher says that investors shouldn’t get overly concerned with economic conditions in their home market, because what really will drive stocks is overall global growth — which he says looks pretty good.

“It’s natural to obsess about home first, but a mistake,” Fisher says in a recent column for Interactive Investor of the U.K. “Why? It’s the opposite of how shares work. Shares are global first, and overwhelmingly so. Global growth matters much more to British shares than British economics. And if the world economy grows, shares will lead the way.”

Fisher also says not to be overly concerned with the recent dip in U.S. leading economic indicators. He says the dip followed several consecutive months of rising LEIs, and that recessions tend to occur only when leading indicators have fallen repeatedly. He also says that leading indicators have been strong in much-maligned European countries like Portugal, Ireland, and Spain, and he examines a couple European stocks he’s high on.

“Slower euro growth isn’t cause for bearishness on euro shares,” Fisher says. “At worst it may be an argument to underweight them relative to the world. But leading indicators tell us the world will keep growing. And shares are the ultimate leading indicator. Buy future growth and buy shares.”

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