Fisher: Bull Only Halfway Done

While some are questioning whether the bull market is nearing its end, top strategist Kenneth Fisher says the bull is only halfway done.

“People are optimistic about their own lives, but they’re skeptical about everything else,” Fisher tells CNBC. “Therefore, we’re going to move from that skepticism, eventually, to some form of optimism, or lack of skepticism, and that means people who haven’t been in the market will get in, will capitulate and put prices higher.”

Fisher reiterated his belief that large-cap stocks are now the place to be. “This year, we started the process where the very largest stocks started outperforming,” he said. “Usually that happens just about 40 to 60 percent of the way through the time of a bull market, so therefore I think we’re probably about halfway through the bull market and we have several years fully to run.”


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