Faber Thinks Gold Has Bottomed

Marc Faber of the Gloom Boom & Doom Report thinks geopolitical issues will become more important for US markets, and says he thinks gold has bottomed.

Faber tells FOX Business Network that the geopolitical issues may well stretch beyond Iraq and Gaza. “There has been some reaction [in Europe] but there hasn’t been much reaction in the U.S. yet,” he says. “I think that geopolitical issues will become more important. At the present time what is dominating the geopolitical discussion is what is happening in the north of Iraq, ISIS and in the Gaza stretch and in Syria but it could spread out to Saudi Arabia. Because, don’t forget Saudi Arabia is a huge border with Iraq and also it could spread out into Turkey and then it obviously wouldn’t be very favorable for global trade.”

As for what he holds, Faber says that “basically I always own some shares, most of my shareholdings are in Asia. … I would own some gold, because I think the gold market has bottomed out. Year to date the junior gold mining index is up 40 percent.”