Companies that Would Make Congress Jealous

In his latest article for, Validea CEO John Reese takes a look at companies that have done what Congress has had struggled to do — rein in spending.

“While a myriad of companies went into the financial crisis of 2008 leveraged to the hilt, many have used the last three years to chip away at — or, in some cases, altogether eliminate — their high piles of debt,” writes Reese. “To be sure, they didn’t have to deal with the same sort of political machinations that U.S. policymakers have to deal with. But they can nonetheless provide a bit of much-needed ‘get-it-done’ inspiration — not to mention good opportunities for investors.”

Reese looks at five companies that have slashed their long-term debt/equity ratios over the past three years, and which also get approval from one or more of his Guru Strategies, each of which is based on the approach of a different investing great. To read the article and see the picks, click here.