Bloomberg: It Could Be Time to Run with the Bulls

The election of Emmanuel Macron as French president should be the “signal for equity investors to take advantage of a less febrile political environment and buy European stocks,” according to a Bloomberg article from earlier this month.

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For the past year or so, the article says, economic growth in the euro zone has matched that of the U.S.:

The article cites data from Morgan Stanley indicating that first-quarter results submitted by more than 250 companies reflects that “the net number beating earnings expectations is on course to be the highest in more than a decade.”

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However, the article argues that it will be a while before Europe’s relative underperformance to the U.S. is overcome.

Brexit may have encouraged the remaining members of the EU to “pull together,” according to the article, and the European Central Bank seems committed to its “unconventional measures to resuscitate the economy.” This, it says, gives European stocks the “opportunity to outpace U.S. returns.”