Ben Graham-Inspired Value Stock Picks

While recent attention has been directed toward growth stocks (primarily FANG), the temptation to abandon a value strategy is “exactly the  type of thinking that trips up investors,” writes Validea CEO John Reese in a recent Forbes article.

Underscoring that value investing is contrarian and shies away from “chasing the hottest stock,” Reese argues that over the long term, “value investors give themselves a good chance to beat the market by sticking with their strategy through ups and downs.”

Reese explains that the stock screening models he created focus on fundamental metrics that point to solid opportunities, and outlines some of the tenets of market greats such as Benjamin Graham and Joel Greenblatt. “Benjamin Graham, the author of the definitive book on value investing” he writes, “wouldn’t likely have been swayed by this year’s gains in Facebook or Amazon. Hot stocks weren’t his thing.”

Reese mentions the retail sector as one that may present investment opportunities. “Amazon has been crushing competitors and putting a real damper on retailing names recently, but my models tracking value and patient investing styles have picked a few names in the space that might be poised for gains.”

He lists the following candidates we uncovered using Validea Graham model portfolio, more info here

Graham Port