Be Nimble in this Market, Mauldin Says

John Mauldin, one of the few strategists who saw last year’s market meltdown coming, now says that he thinks the current environment calls for “nimble” investing.

Mauldin tells Yahoo! TechTicker that he thinks investors can be traders or “ride the wave” in the current market, but adds, “I don’t think you want to buy something and plan to hold it for five years.”

Mauldin is concerned about a double-dip recession, which he says would send stocks tumbling again, and says investors should probably look at fixed income investments or “things that produce something.” He adds that there may be “places to hide” in the tech sector.

While he’s worried about the short term, Mauldin says he’s a bull for the long run. “I think the world’s going to change so positively over time,” he says. “We’ll get through it.”

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