Barron's: Wall Street Strategists See Market Gains in 2009

The 2009 stock market and earnings estimates are starting to roll in, and this week’s Barron’s kicks off the race as it discusses where top Wall Street strategists think we’ll end the year – both in terms of earnings and the market level on the S&P 500. Twelve market experts, including Bob Doll of BlackRock and Richard Bernstein of Merrill Lynch, were polled and on average these pundits expect the S&P to gain 18% in 2009 based on an average profit estimate of $60 per share for the firms that make up the index. While the strategists think the economy will likely worsen into 2009, most think that much of the damage in stocks has been done. (note: last year the experts predicted over 1600 on the S&P).

The sheet below outlines each individual’s estimate and contains the key thoughts and comments from each expert. Click image for larger PDF version .

2009 Profit & Market Estimates