A Money Manager with a Long-Term View

Nancy Zevenbergen set up her own investment company at age 28 and, by 1992, had an office, 51 clients and $212 million under management. This according to a recent article in Forbes.

Today, Zevenbergen Capital Investments operates out of a small office in Seattle, overseeing $2.4 billion in assets. The article outlines the founder’s career path and accomplishments. Her firm’s flagship growth equity fund, it reports, has returned 11.5% annually, net of fees, since 1987 (beating the Russell 3000 Index which has returned 9.8% over that period).

In August 2015, the firm launched two mutual funds which, the article says, “are not for the faint of heart-or the impatient.” Zevenbergen says that in order to create wealth, investors must, “own growth companies and concentrated portfolios. But recognize that they cannot perform every day or every week or every month or even every quarter.”

According to the article, Zevenbergen “bets on entrepreneurs and not just ideas,” and exercises a lot of patience if she believes in their ability and their ideas. While she makes mistakes (the article points out that she recently liquidated her positions in Pandora Media and Under Armour), she maintains a long-term view. The article says, “She calls investing with a less than five-year time frame ‘truly speculative.'”