A Crisis Crash Course from The Gurus

Forbes has put together an extensive guru-inspired special report entitled “Sage Advice to Save Your Portfolio”, explaining, “Extraordinary times require a special dosage of sage advice.”

The feature includes pieces about the strategies of such great investors as Warren Buffett, Ben Graham, Philip Fisher, Peter Lynch, William O’Neil, John Templeton, James O’Shaughnessy, Martin Zweig, and Joseph Piotroski.

In addition, the special report features articles from John Reese on what you can learn from the similarities shared by many of Wall Street’s best investors; Daniel Myers on how to sprout “fangs” when there is blood on the streets; and Nikhil Huthessing on why “The Graham & Dodders” deserve their legendary reputations. John Heins and Whitney Tilson also weigh in with some wisdom for value investors, and John Dobosz explains why many stocks may look deceptively cheap right now.

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